The Next Step In
Snack Innovation

We have been champions in frying technology for more than 40 years. Now, we take the next step in Snack innovation. Welcome to a new technology for processing healthy snacks!

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Snack pellets are traditionally cooked & expanded using frying oil or hot air as heat transfer media. This new technology enables production of high-protein snacks with 0% fat, using salt as heating media to cook and expand the snacks. With RoastR, heat is applied through salt – the next step in snack innovation.

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Re-discovering a classic ingredient

When cooking and expanding snack pellets, heat is applied. RoastR utilizes the outstanding heating thermal conductivity in salt. This classic snack ingredient has proven to be an excellent heating media providing expansion and perfect crispiness for snack pellets. By roasting pellets in salt, a crispy and crunchy snack is produced with 0% fat. “When we re-discovered salt as an excellent heat transfer media for snack production, it was clear that we needed to develop this opportunity for our customers”, says Stefan Björk Managing Director for Rosenqvists.

RoastR is developed for producing tomorrows fresh, vegetable-based, snack pellets. The gentle roasting process makes sure that nutrients are preserved in the finished product, where the content of vitamins and dietary fibers can be kept high. At the same time the fat content in the finished product is as low as 0% and the protein content ranges up to 40 %. A wide range of today’s standard pellets can of course also be produced with RoastR.

A RoastR-line provides undiscovered possibilities for product development, with seasonings and vitamins to be used for your specific market requirements.