The Winner of The Salt Competition!

2 Jul 2019

During Snackex we challenged the participants to be a part of a competition. The quest was to guess how many grams of salt we had placed in a stainless steel bowl. To make the competition fair, we measured the weight of the salt back in Sweden before we left for Snackex. The weight of the salt was 1,425 grams of salt.  

On a shared second place we had:
– Laura Flamenco 1,400 grams (Spain)
– Paul Bavin 1,400 grams (England)
– Denise McGrahan 1,400 grams (England)

The winner, with the incredible guess of 1,428 grams, was Nadine Hummert (England) – a big congratulations to you and hope you are enjoying your new Studio Beats!