Product Opportunities with RoastR!

7 Feb 2020

Six months has passed since we introduced RoastR at Snackex in Barcelona. Our RoastR team have been busy testing different snack pellets to learn more about the technology. What type of pellet and shape works best, and what settings are used to produce a great product? Read all about it in this report. Comparing Vegetable Oil and Salt as Heating Media The excellent […]

How to Process Healthier Snack Pellets – Continuously in Salt!

22 Oct 2019

The unique way of processing snack pellets in salt is the secret to achieve a crunchy snack at 0% fat. We are looking at a groundbreaking step in snack innovation. In this article we elaborate what is needed to process healthier snack pellets. Continuous Production with RoastRTo be able to continuously produce snack pellets in […]

The Winner of The Salt Competition!

2 Jul 2019

During Snackex we challenged the participants to be a part of a competition. The quest was to guess how many grams of salt we had placed in a stainless steel bowl. To make the competition fair, we measured the weight of the salt back in Sweden before we left for Snackex. The weight of the […]

Snack Opportunities With RoastR Presented at Snackex

20 Jun 2019

Since the heating transfer media in RoastR is salt, it is possible to process completely new snack pellets. Since the roasting process is very gentle to vitamins and fibres, this unique solution allows producers to create healthier snacks with high protein and vitamin content. The RoastR Snacks that we have produced for Snackex, only as […]

Come and taste our product samples from RoastR at Snackex, Barcelona!

13 Jun 2019

With the lab version of RoastR, we have now produced samples of snack pellets with pumpkin, peas/spinach and beetroot. We are very excited to talk about the opportunities of roasting snack pellets in salt! Thank you to Rootfruit Scandinavia for supporting us with test production of snack pellets! To see the video where we produce RoastR […]

How much salt is taken up in a snack pellet from RoastR?

4 Jun 2019

In RoastR we process snack pellets in granulated salt and thus you might worry of salt uptake in the product.The expected salt uptake in a RoastR product, when producing snack pellets made of fresh vegetables, is not more than 0,1-0,4 %.  The average salt level in a raw snack pellet, is approx. 1% and with […]